Exploring Kukarella's Header Tools: Dictaphone, AI Editor & Advanced File Search Unveiled!

Voicing text? That's just the tip of the iceberg! 🎤 Dive into Kukarella’s power-packed toolbox – featuring dictaphones, AI editing, and speedy transcriptions. Because why just talk, when you can command the digital stage? 🎭

Prefer to Watch Instead of Reading? Here We Go!

Unleash the Power of Transcription from Media Files

Picture this: You're watching an insightful YouTube video or an engaging documentary, and you wish to transcribe a part of it. It's as simple as a click on the 'Media' button. Choose the file you wish to transcribe - be it an audio file, a YouTube video, a text document (pdf, doc, txt), or even a screenshot with text. The Whisper API works wonders here, transcribing even the noisiest audio with the precision of a seasoned professional. To showcase its efficiency, we transcribed a 1.5-hour-long audio file and it was done in just 2 minutes!

Your Personal Dictaphone

We also offer a digital dictaphone, available in two versions. While the premium version supports all browsers and 149 languages and accents, the free version is no less competent. It works in major browsers like Chrome, Safari, Opera, and Edge, and supports about 70 languages. The quality of transcription between both is almost identical. All you need to do is choose your version, place it on your project, press the record button, and let your words flow.

Meet the AI Editor

Our AI tool stands parallel to ChatGPT in operation. Tap on the AI button, submit your request - be it a rephrase, translation, or expansion, and the AI swiftly delivers a well-crafted response. Remember, clarity is the secret sauce to getting the best out of the AI. The more specific your request, the better the output. You can then copy this AI-composed text and place it in your project.

Find & Replace Tool

Our Find tool, a revamped version of the classic Find and Replace tool, lets you enter a word or a phrase you want to trace in your project. It locates these words and highlights them, making it easier for you to replace or edit them as needed.

Advanced File Search

We've reimagined the search process - not only can you search by the file name, but also by text within the file itself. Suppose you are searching for "Mona Lisa". Our system will hunt this name down in any transcribed file where it was used. You'll be amazed to see it even locating this text within an image. It's a powerhouse tool that takes search capabilities to a whole new level!

So, embark on this journey with the incredible tools nestled on our top panel. Need assistance or have queries? Reach us at support@kukarella.com, and we'll be more than happy to guide you. Buckle up and enjoy the magic of converting text into speech!