From Dental Drills to Digital Dialogues: Sarah’s Unexpected Business Transformation

From reducing costs to enhancing customer experience, learn how Sarah's dental clinic benefited from AI-powered voice prompts

Allow me to introduce you to Sarah. Sarah's not just a dentist, she's a solo practitioner running her own business, a constant juggling act of patients, paperwork, and phone calls. The ringing phone became an incessant soundtrack to her life, bringing with it a growing sense of exhaustion and a longing for a solution.

One day, during her usual lunchtime sandwich and TV drama episode, she was struck by a character's interaction with a voice assistant. It was slick, efficient, and stress-free. A lightbulb moment struck Sarah. Could AI voices be the solution to her problem?

Sarah started her research, investigating everything from call center services to hiring a receptionist, but the costs were astronomical. Frustrated, she complained to her friend Jake over coffee one day. Jake, an IT consultant, suggested an intriguing option: AI voice prompts. He introduced Sarah to Kukarella, an AI voice platform, a tip that would prove to be a game-changer.

With a newfound sense of hope, Sarah delved into Kukarella. She listed the most frequent client questions: "What are your business hours?" "Can you tell me more about root canal treatment?" "How do I prepare for my appointment?" Using these questions, Sarah scripted her own series of voice prompts.

Next came the fun part. Sarah played around with various voice options on Kukarella, seeking that perfect balance of professional and friendly. She finally settled on "Olivia", an AI voice with a warm, approachable tone. Olivia became the new voice of Sarah's dental practice.

With her system in place, Sarah set about testing it. She meticulously tracked client reactions, noting the prompts that resolved queries and those leading to further questions. A month into her experiment, Sarah's data surprised her. Clients were more likely to book appointments when the prompts provided detailed information about procedures. Inspired by a political speech on public education she’d heard on the radio, Sarah decided to add more educational content to her prompts.

Implementing this change, Sarah recalled a specific case of Mark, a regular patient with a notorious fear of root canals. After listening to a detailed prompt about the procedure, Mark scheduled an appointment and later confessed that the informative voice prompt had eased his anxiety significantly.

Sarah's phone stopped ringing off the hook, and the constant juggle became more manageable. Patients now got quick, helpful answers. And the best part? Instead of $300 and a week's time for a traditional recording, with Kukarella it cost Sarah just $2 and 30 minutes to make lots of versions. Plus, she used these voiceovers everywhere - from video ads to her answering machine. Olivia’s voice became part of her brand.

Sarah’s advice to other business owners? "Embrace new ideas. Sometimes, it's just about finding the right voice to connect with your customers.”

A journey that began with a TV episode and a casual chat over coffee, led Sarah to revolutionize her dental practice and serve as an inspiration to fellow small business owners.