How to Convert YouTube Videos to Text: Transcribing Made Easy with Kukarella

Ever come across a captivating YouTube video and wish you could transform it into written text? Maybe you want to extract insights from an educational video, write down dialogue from an intriguing movie, or keep a written record of an impactful interview. Regardless of your reasons, Kukarella's 'Transcribe YouTube' tool is ready to assist you.

Accessing this function is straightforward. From the main page of Kukarella's Audio Transcription, click 'Transcribe YouTube'. Alternatively, while inside a project, simply select the 'Insert text from Media' button on the top panel.

Next, you'll see two options: 'Pull Captions from YouTube' and 'Transcribe with AI models'. How do these differ?

Selecting 'Pull Captions from YouTube' doesn't transcribe the video in the traditional sense. Rather, it fetches existing subtitles created by YouTube. If these are available, they'll appear almost instantaneously. If not, you'll need to try the second option, 'Transcribe with AI models'.

The 'Transcribe with AI models' method leverages OpenAI's voice recognition capabilities. Simply paste the link of the video, click transcribe, and watch as the tool works its magic. No need to specify the language or accent – the AI handles it for you. It operates at a remarkable speed, turning a one-hour video into text within roughly two minutes. Its accuracy is also top-tier. Even in our testing with a quick conversation involving two individuals, it accurately transcribed the dialogue, including specialized jargon.

So whether you're a content creator aiming to transcribe your tutorials, a film enthusiast keen to jot down your favorite movie dialogues, or a journalist needing a textual record of an important YouTube interview, Kukarella's 'Transcribe YouTube' tool is your ally. Get ready to transcribe!