How to create professional voice-overs without using actors

How to create professional voice-overs without using actors

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Want to create professional voice-overs without using actors? With Kukarella, you can do exactly that in more than 80 languages using the best AL neural voices.

First, you enter the text. You can either type it out, or download it from a text file. We support many popular formats, and are adding new ones regularly.

Once the text has been entered, it is automatically saved.

Next, you need to give your project a name. That will help you find this project in your account because everything is automatically saved.

Now, you can choose the voice or voices you want to use.

Select a language or accent first. Kukarella gives you access to the best AI voices across 80 different languages and accents.

Now choose a voice. They can be sorted by male or female. To make the search easier, click the filters button to look for a neural voice or a specific effect.

You can listen to each voice before you start your conversion so you can decide if it matches your expectations. Choosing the right voice will keep your audience's attention.

To make it easier to find the voices you like, you can add them to your favorite's list. With the text read and the voices selected, you are now ready to create your voice-over!

But before you convert the entire text into a document, you should check to make sure it will sound right. To do this, just hover over the text and press play. Kukarella will convert that specific paragraph on the spot!

If you have used several voices, you can select a voice you want to sample and that voice will read the selected paragraph.

This will help you test the quality of the voice-over and ensure you made the right voice selection before you waste time converting the whole text.

Oh, and make sure you are paying attention to the paragraph numbers. These will help you find files while you are editing. Especially if you are working in a foreign language. There is no need to listen to the audio; just look up the file number and name.

Are you ready to continue? Press the convert button and Kukarella will convert your text. Now you can listen and download the generated audio files.

We hope that you have a better understanding on how to convert text to speech using Kukarella.
If you have any questions, feel free to send a message to so we can help you. If you have any tools or functionality requests, please let us know. Good advice is rewarded with a bonus.