How to Download, Share, and Sort Your Kukarella Voiceovers

Congratulations on giving your written words a voice with Kukarella! Now, discover the exciting options that await you. Choose between paragraph-by-paragraph or single audio file playback. Customize your preferred audio format. Keep a written copy alongside your engaging speech. Your projects are safely saved and ready whenever you need them. And don't forget the thrill of sharing your creations with the world. Get inspired and create something amazing!

Single Audio File or Paragraph-by-Paragraph? Your Story, Your Choice

Your story is now told in a captivating voice, but how do you want to listen to it? Stephen Brough, one of our customers, wanted a feature that would break down his audio by paragraphs for his presentations. As Stephen found, there's immense flexibility in the system, so we added the feature. Now, if you're translating your text into various languages, you can easily match the paragraphs - paragraph 28 in English aligns with paragraph 28 in Spanish. How's that for simplicity?

So, do you want to savor your story paragraph by paragraph? Or would you prefer to download it as one single audio file? You get to make that call.

Bring it to Life in the Format You Prefer

To make things even more exciting, you get to choose the audio format. Whether you prefer the familiar .mp3 or high-definition .wav format, Kukarella has you covered.

The Power of Text at Your Fingertips

Sure, your text has been transformed into engaging speech, but you still might want to keep a written copy, right? You can download your project in both audio and text formats. It's your creation – why not have it both ways?

Ready When You Are: Your Project, Saved and Waiting

No rush, your project stays put and organized in your Kukarella account. Need to download it again in a couple of weeks? No problem. It's always there, waiting for you.

The World Awaits: Sharing Your Creation

Finally, don't forget about the most exciting part - sharing your work with the world. Let others experience the magic you've created. Now, the power is in your hands. What will you create next?