Navigate Projects & Versions in Kukarella: Step-by-Step

Ever mixed up your files in a digital blender? With Kukarella's project-version duo, say goodbye to chaos! Dive into our guide to ace your TTS projects and versions, and yes, it's as easy as pie (and who doesn't love pie?)! 🥧 #KukarellaMadeEasy

Think of a project in Kukarella as a document file. When you create a project, the system generates a new 'file', which is automatically saved in your account for future reference. Every saved iteration of your project forms a different version.

How to Utilize Projects?

Let's consider an example where you need multiple voice-overs for various videos. In this scenario, you'd create a distinct project for each video. After converting the audio, you're free to use the generated files as needed. Should you choose to modify the voice-over, simply open the relevant project, implement your changes, and save it as a new version.

How Do Versions Work?

Let's say you've created numerous versions and find yourself partial to the third one. With Kukarella, you can effortlessly retrieve this version. Each time you convert your text, a new version is created. Therefore, you can easily access any previous version and continue editing as needed.

However, it's crucial to remember that a version is not created until after you've converted the text. If you initiate text editing without converting the previous version, that version will be lost. Similarly, if you start editing a previous version before converting the current one, you'll lose the current version. Kukarella is designed to alert you before you depart from the existing version, to help avoid any accidental losses.

Hence, it's advised to convert and save any version that you might require in the future.

What More Can You Do With Projects?

Kukarella allows you to load audio and text from a project and share projects with others. When you share a project, it's added to the recipient's account as a separate copy, leaving your version untouched.

To streamline project management, you can add labels or mark projects as favorites for quicker access. The project organization in Kukarella is similar to that in Google Drive, offering a familiar and intuitive interface.

That's a basic overview of using projects and versions in Kukarella's text to speech converter! Should you have any queries, feel free to reach out to for assistance.