Understanding 'Projects' in Minutes Builder

Think of 'projects' in Minutes Builder as intuitive organizers for your meeting minutes. They serve more than just storage; they're about instantly knowing where your files are. Eliminate the frustration of sifting through numerous files to find a specific meeting record.

Strategic Project Organization

Descriptive Names: Choose names that reflect the nature of your meetings. Instead of vague titles, use specific names like “Main Street Bridge Design Review” or “Downtown Plaza Construction Safety Meeting.”

Purpose-Based Organization: Align projects with their specific objectives. Use titles like "Riverbank Redevelopment Client Proposal" or "Contract 'ABC'."

Date and Versioning: Include dates or version numbers for ongoing or recurring projects, such as “Highway Expansion Planning_Jul2024” or “Office Complex Build_Phase3.”

Standardized Abbreviations: Develop abbreviations for common project elements or clients, like “MSBDR” for Main Street Bridge Design Review or “DPCSM” for Downtown Plaza Construction Safety Meeting.

Strategic Color Coding

Minutes Builder's color-coding feature assists in organizing projects effectively.

Category Colors: Assign distinct colors based on the nature of the project - blue for design, red for safety, etc.

Priority Levels: Use color codes to indicate urgency - red for urgent, yellow for moderate, and green for routine.

Client/Contractor-Based Colors: Allocate unique colors for different clients or contractors for quick recognition.

Status Indicators: Use colors to denote project status: green for completed, orange for ongoing, and gray for pending or delayed.


Effective organization in Minutes Builder is crucial, especially in fields like civil engineering, architecture, and construction. By employing detailed project naming and color-coding strategies, you ensure that your meeting records are well-organized, easily accessible, and visually clear.

Adopt these methods for more efficient and streamlined management of your meeting minutes.