Your Data, Our Priority: Addressing Concerns about Data Protection

At Kukarella, we value our users' trust above all. Our commitment to maintaining a high standard of data protection is paramount. We recently received some pertinent questions from our user Deana Mourad, who wanted more detailed information on our data protection protocols. We believe in transparency and will be addressing these queries below, offering a deeper understanding of our data protection mechanisms.

What data protection methods are in use, encryption, etc.?

At Kukarella, we have recently revamped our security protocols to make them even more robust. We understand that your data is sensitive, and its security is our top priority. We use strong encryption to protect all communication between our web server and your browser. We have also configured our web server to disallow the use of weak ciphers, minimizing the risk of any unauthorized access.

Is my data used in any training or system testing, etc.?

Simply put, no. We respect your privacy and confidentiality. Your data is solely used to deliver the services you requested. We do not use your data for training our models, system testing, or any other purposes beyond providing the services you've signed up for.

Are records/transcriptions that I choose to delete, permanently deleted from Kukarella servers/database?

Yes. Once you choose to delete a record or transcription, it's permanently removed from our servers and databases. You have full control over your data, and we honor your decisions regarding their management.

What happens to the real-time transcription if interrupted by a phone call, does it automatically get saved, placed on pause?

You retain full control over your real-time transcriptions. If an interruption such as a phone call occurs, you can manually pause or save the transcription based on your needs. This feature ensures your work isn't lost due to unexpected interruptions.

If there is a problem with saving the real-time transcribed text, is an audio file created as a back-up?

If there's an issue while saving your transcribed text, an error message will be displayed to inform you about the situation. Unfortunately, an audio file isn't created as a back-up in this scenario. However, until you receive a confirmation of successful saving, the transcription remains active on your screen.

Our commitment to data protection and user privacy is unwavering. We appreciate these insightful questions from our users, as they provide an opportunity for us to clarify our processes and reassure our users about our security measures. Please don't hesitate to reach out with any more questions or concerns; we're here to help. Send email to or use our chat