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Create a professional voiceover in real time for the cost of a cup of coffee.


Imagine that you can create professional voiceovers, in real time, for pennies. Impossible? Try Kukarella, which gives you easy access to 700 AI voices across 130 languages and accents. You get royalty free rights for commercial use with any of our paid plans.

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Create professional voiceovers

After thousands of experiments, we created a simple and intuitive interface, allowing you to create one hour of quality narration in about 15 seconds. This way, you can focus on creativity and we handle the hard work.

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Transcribe Speech

Transcribe any source of pre-recorded audio with our backdoor access to Google voice transcription software that supports more than 120 languages and accents.

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Bring Dialogue to life with AI Voices

Want to create effective dialogue? Our Dialogues AI tool allows you to create unique actors, who speak different languages and accents, that will interact with each other through your words.

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