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Say farewell to slow and costly voice actors, interpreters, and editors. Say hello to Kukarella!

Convert Text to Speech

With Kukarella, all our paid plans come with commercial rights and zero royalties to worry about. So, go ahead, convert text to speech and bring your projects to life - we've got you covered!

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Transcribe Audio

Transcribe interviews, private conversations, notes, meetings, all types of audio as well as soundtracks from video files. Thanks to our technology, it only takes 2 minutes to transcribe a 1-hour file!

Transcribe Audio

Create dialogues with AI voices

Dialogues AI was created after several screenwriters who use Kukarella said they needed to create audio versions of their scripts. Now it allows to narrate text using multiple voices. This can be done in a few minutes by selecting any of the voices in our library.

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Translate and Dub

Wanna talk to the world? Kukarella has got your back! With our awesome tool, you can translate any text, audio or video into over 100 languages and have it read back to you in over 800 realistic voices! So why wait? Try it today and start speaking the language of the world!

Translate and Dub

What else can Kukarella do for you?

Organize media files

Index and easily find audio, video and other media in Kukarella

Edit text with AI models

That means you can say sayonara to editors, mentors, and translators!

Transcribe noisy audio

Our AI can pick up speech even from the noisy audio

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