API documentation

<p class="heading">API Endpoints</p> <p class="heading2"><span class="green">POST </span> Create Minutes</p>


Generates Meeting Mintues and other outputs

Generates a transcription of provided download URL as well as conditional additional outputs as requested. Will return 403/402 errors based on missing input data from the user. If the user does not specify and additional tools will only return the transcription to the user.

<p class="heading2">Parameters</p>
<p>downloadURL <span class="gray">string</span> <span class="red">Required</span></p>

A download URL for a file uploaded to a public host.

<p>tool <span class="gray">array</span></p>

An array of strings that contains all outputs which the user requests back from our servers. Accepted tool values are ‘meetingMinutes’, ‘summary’, ‘nextMeeting’, ‘challenges’, ‘newBusiness’.

<p class="heading2">Request</p>
			downloadURL: DOWNLOAD_URL,
			tools: ['meetingMinutes', 'summary', 'nextMeeting', 'challenges', 'newBusiness'],
			headers: {
				Authorization: 'Bearer ' + API_KEY,
<p class="heading2">Response</p>

Returns the videos transcription as well as the results of any additional tools that were requested by the user, any tool that was not requested is omitted from the response.

<p><span class="green">200</span> OK</p>
  "transcription": "VIDEO_TRANSCRIPTION",
  "meetingMinutes": "MEETING_MINUTES",
  "summary": "SUMMARY",
  "nextMeeting": "NEXT_MEETING",
  "challenges": "CHALLENGES",
  "newBusiness": "NEW_BUSINESS"
<p><span class="red">402</span> Payment Required</p>

User does not have enough credits in their account in order to continue with the transcription of the uploaded video.

<p><span class="red">403</span> Invalid API Key</p>

API Key is either missing or does not belong to a valid minutes builder account

<p><span class="red">500</span> Internal Error</p>