Ask AI

Harness the power of Artificial Intelligence in Kukarella to edit, refine, and transform your text. Here’s how to do it efficiently and effectively:

1. Introduction to AI Editing

With Kukarella, you can employ AI to fine-tune your content, be it editing a single paragraph or an entire project.

2. Editing Options

Option 1

  • Edit a Paragraph:
  • Hover over the paragraph you wish to edit.
  • This will open a dialog with Ask AI button
  • There you're presented with default prompts.
  • Customize these prompts or simply input a custom prompt to guide the AI.

Option 2

  • Edit the Entire Project:
  • Click on the 'Ask AI' button located in the header.
  • Similar to editing a paragraph, here you can choose from default requests or craft your own.

3. Practical Uses

Rephrasing Titles: Need a fresh take on a title? Prompt the AI to generate multiple versions of your title. For instance, instructing the AI with "Write five versions of this title" will yield varied alternatives. Grammar Check: Run a quick check on your paragraphs to identify and correct grammatical mistakes. Creating Stories: Provide a brief prompt or idea, and let the AI weave a narrative around it. Translation: Convert your text into a different language. Depending on your requirements, this can be applied to a single paragraph or the entire project.

4. Advantages of AI Editing

Efficiency: AI drastically reduces the time you'd traditionally spend on editing. Transform your content in minutes, not hours. Accuracy: With AI, there's no longer a need for human editors or proofreaders. The built-in tools can proofread, translate, or edit with precision.

5. Handling Project-Wide Edits

When using the 'Ask AI' feature from the header, remember that the commands will be applied to your entire text. After making edits, translations, or additions, you'll be presented with options to either replace the original content in your project or append the new content. Proceed with caution and choose the option that aligns with your goals.

6. Conclusion

Embracing the AI tools provided by Kukarella can greatly enhance the quality of your content. It's not just about editing, but also about harnessing the potential of modern tech to amplify your writing.

7. Support

For any queries or feedback, don’t hesitate to reach out to Kukarella’s support team at We're always ready to assist!