Find transcribed files

Follow these steps to quickly locate your transcribed files in Kukarella using the "Find Files" function:

Transcriptions and Indexing: Once your media files are transcribed by Kukarella, they are automatically indexed. This feature allows your transcriptions to become searchable by keyword.

Finding Files: To locate a specific transcribed file, you need to use the "Find Files" option available in Kukarella.

Using Keywords: In the "Find Files" search bar, enter the keyword or specific text you are looking for. Kukarella will then show all instances where the entered keyword appears in your transcriptions.

Navigating the Results: Review the search results to find the file you need. The results are organized by the relevance to your entered keyword.

Accessing Your File: Click on the desired file from the search results to view, edit, or download your transcription as needed.

Remember, the "Find Files" option can also be used to locate any uploaded text files, as these are indexed in the same way as transcribed content.