How to Clone Voices in Kukarella

Creating a custom voice clone in Kukarella is straightforward. Follow these steps to generate a voice that mimics your own or any other:

Step 1: Record or Upload Your Voice Sample Start by recording your voice directly using the built-in recorder in Kukarella, or upload pre-recorded audio clips. Ensure that the audio is clear and free from background noise to achieve the best results.

Step 2: Customize Your Voice Once your voice sample is ready, customize its properties:

Accent: Choose the accent that best fits the voice you’re creating. Your cloned voice will be multilingual, capable of speaking in approximately 35 different accents—and more are being added. **Gender: **Select the gender that corresponds to the voice. Style: Decide on the style or emotion that the voice should convey. Name Your Voice: Assign a unique name to your new voice for easy identification.

Step 3: Add a Description If necessary, add a description to your voice. This can include details about the intended use or any specific characteristics you want to note.

Step 4: Generate the Voice Click on the ‘Generate’ button. Your custom voice will be created within one minute.

Step 5: Review and Use Your Voice After the voice is generated, you can listen to a sample on the spot. If you’re satisfied with the outcome, you can proceed to use it in Kukarella’s applications:

Text to Voice: Enter text and convert it to speech using your cloned voice. Dialogues AI App: Create voiceovers with your new voice, or mix and match with multiple voices for dynamic interactions.

Important Note on Copyright Always remember to consider copyright laws when using cloned voices, especially if you are replicating the voice of someone else or from existing media.

By following these steps, you can efficiently create and utilize a custom, multilingual voice clone in Kukarella, enhancing your projects with personalized audio content.