How to Convert YouTube Videos to Text with TranscribeHub

Follow these simple steps to transcribe a YouTube video:

  • Open TranscribeHub app
  • Open an existing project or create a new one
  • Go to the YouTube video you want to transcribe
  • Copy the video URL from your browser's address bar
  • Paste URL in TranscribeHub
  • Click "Transcribe"

Once transcription is complete, the text will appear in the editor. Now you can

  • Review the transcribed text for any errors or missed words
  • Use TranscribeHub's editing tools to clean up the transcription
  • Export or Share Transcription
  • Download video as a file

By converting YouTube videos to text, you can repurpose that video content into blog posts, articles, study notes, subtitles and more. The text format makes the content more searchable, shareable and accessible.