How to draft slide show presentations with Ask AI

Did you know that some of our users are turning to Kukarella to voiceover their slide show presentations? 🎙️ But that's not all!

You can also draft the entire structure of your presentation right here on Kukarella. With our Ask AI instrument, not only can you voice over slides, but you can set the very backbone of your presentation in minutes. Here's how:

  1. Draft Your Slides Like an Expert 📋

Use Ask AI to sketch out your slides based on your topic.

Prompt: "You're an [expert role]. Write an outline of a PowerPoint presentation (X # of slides) about [your topic]. Focus on the benefits of [topic specificities]."

  1. Generate the VBA Code for Your Slides 🛠️

Ask AI: "Write the entire VBA code (from the first slide to the last one) to create the PowerPoint slides for this deck. The text should be centered on the slides and left-aligned."

  1. **Implement Your Slides in PowerPoint **🖥️

Use Alt+F11 (Windows) or Option+F11 (Mac) in PowerPoint. Click on "Insert" then "Module", paste the code, and hit the Play button. Style It Your Way 🎨

Customize using PowerPoint's array of themes to make it truly yours. It's that simple! Give your presentations the Kukarella edge.

Happy presenting!