How to Pull Text from Documents and Images with text

Working with documents and images containing text can be a hassle, especially when you need to extract that information accurately and efficiently. TranscribeHub makes this process a breeze, allowing you to pull text from documents and images with just a few clicks.

Here's how it works:

Choose "Transcribe Files"

  • In your TranscribeHub project, click the "Transcribe Files" button.
  • You can transcribe up to 12 files at once, with a maximum file size of 2GB each.

Select Your Files

  • Choose the document(s) or image(s) you want to extract text from.
  • Supported formats: DOC, PDF, TXT, JPG, PNG.

Start Transcription

  • Click 'Transcribe'.
  • Text from DOC, PDF, and TXT files will be extracted instantly.
  • Image recognition will take 10-15 seconds while OCR (Optical Character Recognition) scans your images.

Review and Edit

  • The extracted text will be displayed in the editor.
  • Review and edit the text manually or use the AI tools: "Ask AI" for editing paragraphs; "AI Assistant" for editing the entire project

Export or Share

  • Click the buttons in the top-right corner to download or share your project.

By extracting text from documents and images, you can unlock a wealth of information that was previously trapped in those files. This can be particularly useful for research, data entry, content creation, or any task that requires working with large amounts of text-based data.

TranscribeHub's OCR capabilities ensure accurate text extraction, saving you from the tedious task of manual data entry or copy-pasting. Give it a try and streamline your text extraction workflow!