Master the Media Maze: Effortlessly Organize & Index with Kukarella!

Lost in a media jungle? 🌴 Swing into organized bliss with Kukarella's sleek transcription & search tools. Ditch the chaos, embrace the search magic. #NoMoreMediaMayhem

By Nazim Ragimov, founder @Kukarella

When I was working as a journalist, and later in documentary film, you know what took up a lot of time? Working with recordings, interviews, materials from books, and articles. Everything had to be transcribed, for which we hired people who did all this, taking at best several hours. And then it was still necessary to find the right place in each of the materials.

A few years ago, online transcription services became popular. This greatly simplified the work, plus added confidentiality, since no one except the user had access to the materials. But organizing files was still a mess. You can upload all files to Dropbox, Google Drive, or just your computer. But how do you then find the audio that contains the fragment or word you need? Searching each transcription individually? Not very convenient.

We decided to fix this. When you transcribe any media file on Kukarella, you not only get a high-quality transcription in a matter of minutes, but each file is indexed in the system and you can always find it by the keywords that are spoken there. All you need to do is enter any word you need to find in the file search. Whether it's in a video, audio, YouTube video, or text document that you've transcribed, the system will find them instantly. What's more - when you open the file, you'll see how many times this word was mentioned in it and you can go exactly to the places where they were mentioned.

Organizing and Indexing Media Files with Kukarella

Transcribe your media files: Start by uploading your media file—be it audio, video, or a YouTube video—to Kukarella. Our high-quality transcription service will generate a transcript in just minutes.

Access your transcriptions: Once transcribed, each file is automatically indexed in our system. This means that every word spoken in the file is searchable.

Search for specific keywords: Need to find a specific segment of your media file? Simply enter any keyword you're looking for in the file search. Our system will quickly find every file that includes that keyword.

Navigate your transcriptions: When you open a file from your search results, you can see how many times your keyword was mentioned and quickly navigate to each instance.

This process greatly simplifies the management and accessibility of your media files. Now, with Kukarella, you don't need to trawl through individual transcriptions or struggle with disorganized files on your computer or cloud storage. Everything you need is easily searchable, saving you time and making your work much more efficient.