One-Stop Dub & Translate Magic: Speak Global, Keep It Local with Translate and Dub App!

Do you want to translate any text, audio or video to 80+ different languages and read the translated texts with 800 realistic AI voices? If you do, try Translate and Dub app

You can hire an interpreter. However, hiring a single translator is a costly venture; can you imagine having to hire 20 or 50 people? Not only is it expensive, it’s also almost impossible to find multiple interpreters within a reasonable time frame.

Another option is to find multiple online solutions that will transcribe your speech, audio and video, translate the text, then convert text to speech using AI voices. While doable, this will require you to spend valuable time processing the same item through each solution for every language you want the source material translated to. How long will it take? Where will you store dozens of documents and audio files? And what if you decide to add a new paragraph to the source text? Repeat all steps again?

Now, imagine that you have an online platform that will do everything in real time. You can enter the text via typing, talking, webpage scraping, or transcribing from your audio or video files. Then have the text instantly translated to any of our over 80+ languages that are read by the voices of your choice. Translate and Dub app can do that for you!

Translate and Dub app works just like a simultaneous interpreter - it recognizes speech, reads text, and translates that to another language.

With Translate and Dub app, you can pull the original source material with the following methods - type text, enter text from a document or pdf file, dictate, transcribe audio or video, recognize text from image, or scrape text from webpages.

Then you choose the language you want to translate the document to. Or multiple languages. Translate and Dub app will automatically translate your material into all of your selected languages, in real time. And if you don't like the translation, you can edit it.

Are you ready to convert the translated text to speech? Just select a voice/s for each language, press the convert button, and that's it. Now you can listen and download your text and audio files.

All versions of your project are saved in Translate and Dub app. So if you decide to come back to an earlier version, you can easily find that document. You can add more text and select new languages with no hassle!

You will always have access to the files and documents that you have saved in the project.

Are you ready to start? Start typing, talking, scraping text from a document or webpage, or transcribing a video.

Select the languages you want to translate into. The translation appears as you type. Kind of like google translator with one big improvement - in Translate and Dub app, you can edit the translation and there is no limit on the amount of text for translation.

Select a voice or voices for each language.

Click the Convert button and that’s all.

Now you can listen to the translation and download the text and audio.

We believe the dubbing tool will allow content creators to reach a wider audience. It will also allow users to watch films, courses, webinars, and conduct meetings in their native language.

You don't have to transcribe the text, hire translators, or pay voice actors. Translate and Dub app will do all that for you. And it will do that well, because it uses speech recognition and translation technologies from google, and the best AI voices created by Amazon, Google, Microsoft and IBM to convert text to speech in different languages.

You can also be sure that your privacy is guaranteed. No one but you will have access to your files and texts thanks to the Amazon AWS and Google Cloud encryption technology services.

If you have any suggestions, found a bug or need help, please shoot an email to

Happy dubbing!

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