Choosing the right voice for your text is crucial in ensuring that your message is delivered effectively and resonates with the audience. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to select the most suitable voice for your project:

  1. Accessing the Voice Options
  • Start by opening your project.
  • Navigate to the "add voices modal" option.
  1. Choosing a Language
  • From the modal, select the desired language.
  • This will display all the available voices for the selected language.
  1. Listening to Voice Samples
  • You have the option to listen to samples of each voice.
  • This helps in gauging how each voice sounds and if it fits the mood or tone you're aiming for.
  1. Filtering for Specific Features
  • If you're interested in voices that support specific effects or styles, use the filter option.
  • By choosing the styles filter, the modal will show you all the voices that support different styles.
  1. Benefits of Styles-Supporting Voices
  • Voices that support multiple styles offer great flexibility.
  • They can render the same text in various styles, e.g., starting cheerfully and then transitioning to an angry or sad tone. Some can even mimic screaming or sound terrified.
  • Experimenting with these styles allows you to achieve diverse voiceover effects with the same voice.
  1. Voice Effects
  • All the voices support basic effects such as pause, pitch, and speed adjustments.
  • However, some advanced effects like "emphasis" or "say as" might not be supported by every voice.
  • If these effects are crucial for your project, ensure to select a voice that supports them.
  1. Advantages of Multi-Style Voices
  • Voices that support multiple styles save you a significant amount of time and effort.
  • Instead of manually adjusting effects to achieve a desired tone, you simply apply a particular style to the text.
  1. Using different accents to read your project
  • You have the flexibility to use voices from different languages who speak various accents to read your text. Imagine English text which is read with British, Irish, or even French accents.
  • This can add a unique flavor to your voiceover, making it more engaging and dynamic.
  • Whether or not you choose this approach depends on your project's goals and desired outcome.

In conclusion, while the voice selection process offers various options and effects to play with, the key is to always align your choice with your project's objectives.